The Monument Of Kaunas Ninth Fort – An Important Message To The World

‘Handmade’: The March Edition of Kaunas Full of Culture

Örnek. Embroidered History

Leather as a Process. Exhibition ‘Living in Art Forms’ And Its Authors 

A Guide to Ceramics Studios in Kaunas

Never Too Late to Learn A Craft

Adolfas Teresius, the Master of Wood 

Visiting the Jewelers of Kurpių Street

Sun and Sea, or the lions of Kaunas and Venice

Kaunas Full of Culture this February: change is healthy

Souvenirs today: what do we want to take home?

Urban chameleons: buildings that changed their meaning

Kaunas as a location. Can we close the Aleksotas Bridge?

Is AI after our jobs? We called Professor Jurgita Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė to find out

Discussing climate without anxiety: Silvestras Dikčius

Meeting at the Vytautas the Great War Museum

Museum Wednesdays. Icons on Ammunition Boxes 

Lukas Marciulevičius and his Painting Riddles

Discussing Literary Debuts with Neringa Butnoriūtė

Mantas Bendžius. Between Snow White and Romeo

Karolina Stažytė. From the Stadium to Laisvės Avenue

A New Must-Visit Spot: Kaunas Technical Museum 

A 50-year-old Debut, or The Whole Life on the Road

Baltic New Art. The Powers Behind Art Trends

Kaunas Full of Culture This January: To New Beginnings!

Museum Wednesday. Childhood in the Frost: a Sledge From Exile

The 100th issue of Kaunas Full of Culture: congratulations are welcome!

Meeting two amazing readers of Kaunas Full of Culture

Kęstutis Cikanas. From a green bird feeder to Sugihara’s door

Taxis. A show on wheels

To see the city with your eyes closed

Walking the Streets of Kaunas with Morfai 

Kaunas as a database. Diving into 

The 12 successes of 2023

Let Kaunas be Full of Colours This November

Milda Gailiūtė. Gray Home, Pink Village, Yellow Vienna

Giclée and Other Spells in 

Eimutis from the Amerika Hotel

An Afternoon in Elena’s Sanctuary

Amsterdam in Kaunas! Ultramarine, Gold, Orange And Red

Examining the Kaunas Colour Palette with Regina Žukauskienė 

I, the other, and a painting. Meeting Art Therapist Sigita Kupčiūnienė 

Museum Wednesday. Journey of a Mysterious Sword From Persia to Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum

Tasting Taiwan: Bubble Tea and Tian Bu La 

A Ukrainian Dinner At Natalya’s Kitchen

Winter is Coming, Let’s Make Some Kugelis

A Bohemian Bar and a Pottery Kiln Above it  

Moose Lips, Cod Tongue and Brainaise. Recommended by Laura Galkinaitė 

Hey, Honey! Urban Beekeepers in Kaunas

The Kaunastic Vegan Place: Please Enter Through the Pharmacy 

This October, We Turned Into an Urban Recipe Magazine

(Moving) Forward. The Quiet Culture of Hitchhiking

It’s Louder in Kaunas: Thanks, NEfonas!

Toward the Heat: the Event of That Life

WAKEUP. About What Hurts the Most

Kaunas at an Angle. Stairs, Unfinished Funiculars, and Rubber Boots in a Briefcase

Closer to the People of Kaunas

The September Issue: A Takeover by Kaunas Youth!

Museum Wednesday. Father Stanislovas’s tin sun

Inga Skripka and Grandmothers’ Chests

Komoda. Bringing Fashion to the Streets

VIELA. Fashion Without an Expiration Date

Self-love sessions in the Berlin subway

Studio Archetip: Meet the Founder Lukas Tomaševičius

The Birth of Kaunas Urban Fashion: GK and Prima

Where to study fashion in Kaunas?

The Woven Voices of the Kaunas textile Industry Women 

Kaunas is Beautiful this August!

Meeting Mantas Stabačinskas and his Milion Dollar View

Šančiai vision no. 3

Waiting for ConTempo. Meeting Lina Puodžiukaitė-Lanauskienė

Postcards from Kyiv

Scarcity leads to adventure. Gintarė Masteikaitė and ConTempo festival

Gintaras Česonis. Undistracted by Monochrome

The Centennial of VMU Botanical Garden in Kaunas

Learning from Nature in Šilainiai Gardens 

Nature at Hand. The Maironis Garden Then and Now 

The Phenomenon of Collective Gardening in Kaunas and Beyond 

Behind the Scenes in Monte Pacis. From Hops to Lime-flower Ice Cream 

Straw Mobile. The Way the World Turns

Electrician Crow and the Angel of Žaliakalnis

In June, We Present Our Gardening Issue

The May issue of Kaunas Full of Culture: Standing ovation!

Monika Žaltė and her medieval TVs

Vladimiras Šerstabojevas: “I dress up the naked theatre play”

Soaked with awards. People of Kaunas State Musical Theatre 

At the Kaunas State Puppet Theatre. Saulius, a boy who saw a lion 

Woman of the year and leader of Kaunas artists: Rebeka Bruder  

Gediminas Jankus. Rural roots and urban selfhood

Meet the award-winning Audra Festival crew