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(Moving) Forward. The Quiet Culture of Hitchhiking

It’s Louder in Kaunas: Thanks, NEfonas!

Toward the Heat: the Event of That Life

WAKEUP. About What Hurts the Most

Kaunas at an Angle. Stairs, Unfinished Funiculars, and Rubber Boots in a Briefcase

Closer to the People of Kaunas

The September Issue: A Takeover by Kaunas Youth!

Museum Wednesday. Father Stanislovas’s tin sun

Inga Skripka and Grandmothers’ Chests

Komoda. Bringing Fashion to the Streets

VIELA. Fashion Without an Expiration Date

Self-love sessions in the Berlin subway

Studio Archetip: Meet the Founder Lukas Tomaševičius

The Birth of Kaunas Urban Fashion: GK and Prima

Where to study fashion in Kaunas?

The Woven Voices of the Kaunas textile Industry Women 

Kaunas is Beautiful this August!

Meeting Mantas Stabačinskas and his Milion Dollar View

Šančiai vision no. 3

Waiting for ConTempo. Meeting Lina Puodžiukaitė-Lanauskienė

Postcards from Kyiv

Scarcity leads to adventure. Gintarė Masteikaitė and ConTempo festival

Gintaras Česonis. Undistracted by Monochrome

The Centennial of VMU Botanical Garden in Kaunas

Learning from Nature in Šilainiai Gardens 

Nature at Hand. The Maironis Garden Then and Now 

The Phenomenon of Collective Gardening in Kaunas and Beyond 

Behind the Scenes in Monte Pacis. From Hops to Lime-flower Ice Cream 

Straw Mobile. The Way the World Turns

Electrician Crow and the Angel of Žaliakalnis

In June, We Present Our Gardening Issue

The May issue of Kaunas Full of Culture: Standing ovation!

Monika Žaltė and her medieval TVs

Vladimiras Šerstabojevas: “I dress up the naked theatre play”

Soaked with awards. People of Kaunas State Musical Theatre 

At the Kaunas State Puppet Theatre. Saulius, a boy who saw a lion 

Woman of the year and leader of Kaunas artists: Rebeka Bruder  

Gediminas Jankus. Rural roots and urban selfhood

Meet the award-winning Audra Festival crew

Museum Wednesday. Thousands produced, a few survived: a post-war plastic exhibit

Rhythm and melody, caught by Remis Ščerbauskas 

Vytautas Vaičekauskas, a living street music legend

Simona Savickaitė on heart-softening freedom

Kristijonas Valančius (Akli). Baptized by the fire of Palanga

Kaunas Zoo. A like-minded animal music collective 

Karolis Brežinskas: “Playing on the street, I learned to stand up for myself”

Audrys Karalius. “Street music culture is a metatext” 

From Kačerginė to Sri lanka. Barbora Valiukevičiūtė and her violin 

Love letters by musicians: “I must kiss you!” and other stories

Between noise and ecstasy: April is a month for street music 

Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations. For the other to become our own

Jurgis Rimvydas Palys. A true native of Kaunas

Museum Wednesday. “One of the most popular games in America”, S. Darius and an exhibit from the interwar period

Agnija Leonova. Love for the theatre and the future

Empathy training in the cinema. A talk with Aistė Račaitytė

Linas Venclauskas and his book that helps to better understand ourselves

Explore the meanings of ‘the other’ in the March issue of Kaunas Full of Culture

Liamoris, the artist’s dog

Lowercase “r”

The cinema wonders of Gediminas Jankauskas

Cesiulė is being interviewed

A low-budget love story of Karolina and Adrian Carlo

Community-driven acorn coffee smell in Žaliakalnis

Felicija Bortkevičienė. Publisher, book smuggler, politician, freemason and philanthropist

Birutietės. A Female Support System

Kęstutis Jakeliūnas. Embracing the choir

Sandra Bernotaitė: “A great teacher is one who finds joy in the achievements of his students”

Into the Future: The Sixth Edition of Magazine Į

Jacob Bray: ‘Choreographers Nowadays Need to be Clever’. 

In January, we speak about magicians sparking the crowds 

You Will Have Everything if You Have Your Health

Marcė Katiliūtė. Art as The Light of Life

Incunabula and Vintage Magazines with Alvydas Surblys

“Kaunas 2022” Closing Weekend: Kaunas is Forever

From Kaunas to Lithuania: Museum on Wheels

The Museum of Lithuanian Education History. Happy Birthday!

Bastions of primary education in Kaunas

Kolibris. Where Fifty Publishing Houses Fit

Monika Straupytė. “A Library is About Books, But Also Not Just That”

Teacher of the year from Šančiai: Gražvyda Andrijauskaitė

Viktoras Rudžianskas. Publishing Poetry For a Thousand And One Reasons

Daiva Nevardauskienė. The chronicler of Aukštoji Panemunė

Sandra Karnilavičiūtė. To play school during vacation

November issue. Let there be educators!

In October, we Publish Everything

All the Necessary Kaunas Contacts in 2022

Hands on Press. Atomic Self-publishing on K. Donelaičio St.

Agnietė Janušaitė-Vitkūnienė. Mathematics, Turning Into a Fairy Tale

Eglė Švedkauskaitė and her Vėra-inspired Observations

Dr. Inga Popovaitė. From Mars to Antarctica?