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Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations. For the other to become our own

Jurgis Rimvydas Palys. A true native of Kaunas

Museum Wednesday. “One of the most popular games in America”, S. Darius and an exhibit from the interwar period

Agnija Leonova. Love for the theatre and the future

Empathy training in the cinema. A talk with Aistė Račaitytė

Linas Venclauskas and his book that helps to better understand ourselves

Explore the meanings of ‘the other’ in the March issue of Kaunas Full of Culture

Liamoris, the artist’s dog

Lowercase “r”

The cinema wonders of Gediminas Jankauskas

Cesiulė is being interviewed

A low-budget love story of Karolina and Adrian Carlo

Community-driven acorn coffee smell in Žaliakalnis

Felicija Bortkevičienė. Publisher, book smuggler, politician, freemason and philanthropist

Birutietės. A Female Support System

Kęstutis Jakeliūnas. Embracing the choir

Sandra Bernotaitė: “A great teacher is one who finds joy in the achievements of his students”

Into the Future: The Sixth Edition of Magazine Į

Jacob Bray: ‘Choreographers Nowadays Need to be Clever’. 

In January, we speak about magicians sparking the crowds 

You Will Have Everything if You Have Your Health

Marcė Katiliūtė. Art as The Light of Life

Incunabula and Vintage Magazines with Alvydas Surblys

“Kaunas 2022” Closing Weekend: Kaunas is Forever

From Kaunas to Lithuania: Museum on Wheels

The Museum of Lithuanian Education History. Happy Birthday!

Bastions of primary education in Kaunas

Kolibris. Where Fifty Publishing Houses Fit

Monika Straupytė. “A Library is About Books, But Also Not Just That”

Teacher of the year from Šančiai: Gražvyda Andrijauskaitė

Viktoras Rudžianskas. Publishing Poetry For a Thousand And One Reasons

Daiva Nevardauskienė. The chronicler of Aukštoji Panemunė

Sandra Karnilavičiūtė. To play school during vacation

November issue. Let there be educators!

In October, we Publish Everything

All the Necessary Kaunas Contacts in 2022

Hands on Press. Atomic Self-publishing on K. Donelaičio St.

Agnietė Janušaitė-Vitkūnienė. Mathematics, Turning Into a Fairy Tale

Eglė Švedkauskaitė and her Vėra-inspired Observations

Dr. Inga Popovaitė. From Mars to Antarctica?

Starting the Autumn with Female Gaze

Space of the Month. Communally-created Emma

Virginija Jurėnienė. Politics is a Matter of Responsibility

The First Half of the European Capital of Culture: a Record Number of Visitors and International Media Attention

ConTempo festival has turned Kaunas into a prominent European city. What’s next?

Curator Of Memory Office Daiva Price: “It is a Journey After Which Kaunas Will Never be the Same“

Mikado. Society as a Bundle of Sticks

TẽKA. River Streams Right Under our Noses

An Intensely Smelling Pantry 

To the Botanical Garden, Everyone!

Olha Sayenko: “I still don’t feel like an adult.”

Jūlians Trofimovs. Reading Kaunas

July With Kaunas Full of Culture. Breathe in!

Reiu Tüür and Peeter Krosmann. Both Estonians in Kaunas.

What a Pill Will Not Solve. Nature Therapy With Linas Daubaras

Similar to Painting. Discussing Scents With Eglė Jonaitytė

Interwar Kaunas: Clean as a Hound’s Tooth?

No More Words, or Smell as a Key Element in an Ehxibition

Clara Giambino. In Search of Freedom to Create and Work

Jindřich Čeladín. A Czech in Lithuania, or A fan of Wooden Architecture

Austėja’s Šančiai, Dainava and Pramonė

Kristina and Luis. Coffee at the neighbors

A yard to discover: “We think it’s beautiful out here”

European Capital of Culture Forum in Kaunas: Visions of Legacy and Lessons from Ukraine

Kaunas Courtyard Festival. Food (Also) for the Soul

Putvinskio… A Street or a Courtyard?

Visual Solutions Architect of Optimismo Festival: “There are Hardly any Such Authentic Places Left That are Interesting in Their own Right”

What is the address of Kaunas in Vilnius?

The Little Louvre, or Donuts and Bills

Nemuno 7: “Today, Rivers can Become a Therapeutic Space”

OPTIMISMO Festival in Kaunas Aims at Strengthening the Link Between the Urban Past and the Sounds of the Future

Marina Abramović in Kaunas. Deciphering Contemporary Art and Sending Energy to Ukraine

Welcome to K.I.N.A.S. Panemunė (Meeting Giedrius Bučas)

A Hundred-year-old News

On Insignificant Things That are Significant With the Curator of “Subjective Atlas of Kaunas” 

Starting the Year of Culture by Celebrating Modernism

The Utopia of Free Life According to Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė

Nerijus Babrauskas. Meet him at the Art Deco Museum

Ice Cream Theater and Folded Modernism in the A. and P. Galaunė House-Museum

Mikas Zabulionis. DOP of Klostės, Architect’s Grandson

What Would Vizbaras say? A (Yet Another) Talk About Kaunas Central Post Office

What Awaits During The Year of Modernists?

Attending the Opening of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022? Check out This Memo

The Opening Weekend of Kaunas 2022 is Around the Corner (Time to Reserve the Free Tickets)

Cultural Experiences in Your Bed and the Backseat: Experience the Hospitality Programme of Kaunas 2022

The Programme of the Kaunas 2022 Grand Opening Revealed (Over 100 events During the Weekend)

Gamifying Culture. A Talk With Dovilė Valantiejienė

Orienteering at The Historical Presidential Palace in Kaunas

Visiting SneakyBox. Learning About and From the Gaming Industry

A Board Game Unicorn on Kaunas Street in Vilnius