The 100th issue of Kaunas Full of Culture: congratulations are welcome!

9 December, 2023, Kaunas Full of Culture | News, Topic of the month

It was such a good idea to publish the first issue of Kaunas Full of Culture in September, as, after 8 years and four months, the 100th coincides with the Christmas edition. Of course, at the end of the summer of 2015, no one expected that eight years later we would say hi for the 100th time. Now we want to reach two hundredth! Who knows how things will turn out?

In 2015, Kaunas was just about to apply for the title of the European Capital of Culture and a new magazine (more like a booklet) about the many things that happen in the city and many great creators who live here had to help the townspeople to get used to that idea. The application was submitted, the competition was won, Kaunas became the capital of culture and much more! But have we already interviewed all the great people of Kaunas? Frankly, it is impossible because they keep coming here, are born, grow, and expand their possibilities. And we grow with them.

Cover art by GZparrow

Preparing for the 100th issue was difficult. We considered so many options but, in the end, we realized that this anniversary is the best opportunity to write about something for which we haven’t found the time or the right topic so far. This is how we finally got the chance to meet the street artist Morfai and the preserver of historical doors and windows Kęstutis Cikanas and talked about two special ways to experience the not-so-touristy Kaunas. Also, the other thing we haven’t dared to do until now was to interview two of our loyal readers and carefully ask them what they like about us. One of them, Viktorija, offered a clever insight: past issues of the magazine serve as a time machine, as an archive. Leafing through them, it is fun to remember which place opened and which one closed, what was planned and finally implemented, what was predicted and turned out to be a hit, and what was planned but unfortunately did not live up to the expectations.

So, first of all, thanks to those who decided eight years ago that talking about culture is worth it. Thanks to all the heroes who trusted our pages with their stories, plans, tips, and discoveries. Thanks to readers who believe that paper magazines about urban culture are a valuable thing. Thanks to dozens of places that are happy to accept the free magazine and distribute it to their visitors. Thanks to those who contribute ideas. Thanks to the editorial staff that consists of different specialists! Did you know that our contributors compile cinema repertoires, popularize music and events, research the history of architecture, design buildings, curate exhibitions, create websites, engage in business, work in a bank, write books, and translate them? In a word, we are full of culture, and yet still hungry for it. We wish you the same. Happy upcoming holidays!

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