‘Handmade’: The March Edition of Kaunas Full of Culture

24 March, 2024, Kaunas Full of Culture | News, Topic of the month

A few years ago, photos of a pinky with a strange dent appeared online. This deformity acquired the name of the smartphone pinky. However, the specialists have not confirmed that such a change can occur as a result of constantly squeezing the phone. And yet, they haven’t rejected the hypothesis that too close of a contact with the phone can have a negative effect on the wrist and thumb joints.

That’s how these modern ‘handicrafts’ are: by the time you delve into the scandal that happened during the day, read all the posts and comments, you’ve already run half a kilometre with your thumb. Then you go to the Sun and Sea opera-performance and stare in astonishment at how one of the performers on the beach is knitting instead of scrolling. That is quite a scenography, a process that has not been seen in public for a long time! It is unique and must be repeated; I snap a photo to remember.

Indeed, knitting is back in fashion in some circles, as is gardening, ceramics, straw mobile making, baking cookies, doing jigsaw puzzles, or LEGO. All these little hobbies that require both of your hands are gradually becoming more popular among those who no longer want to run screen marathons, are tired of aimless discussions in comment sections, and seek to silence the noise in their heads. And if for now you are just quietly dreaming about a new hobby that would also bring peace to your life, you will definitely like this issue.

Illustration by Agnė Petrauskaitė

After reading the magazine, you’ll finally be ready to sign up for a pottery class, find out where you can learn how to weave sashes, make candles, feel like getting some unique jewellery, rediscover leather, learn about the history of the Crimean Tatars and perhaps decide to hand carve a Pensive Christ. Of course, like all pleasures in life, we recommend trying them out slowly so as not to experience burnout and for an unfinished piece of embroidery not to collect dust under the sofa. You can always hurry on the internet, but when it’s turned off – all hail the refreshing tranquillity of spring!