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The Museum of Lithuanian Education History. Happy Birthday!

Kolibris. Where Fifty Publishing Houses Fit

Viktoras Rudžianskas. Publishing Poetry For a Thousand And One Reasons

In October, we Publish Everything

All the Necessary Kaunas Contacts in 2022

Hands on Press. Atomic Self-publishing on K. Donelaičio St.

Agnietė Janušaitė-Vitkūnienė. Mathematics, Turning Into a Fairy Tale

Eglė Švedkauskaitė and her Vėra-inspired Observations

Dr. Inga Popovaitė. From Mars to Antarctica?

Starting the Autumn with Female Gaze

Space of the Month. Communally-created Emma

Virginija Jurėnienė. Politics is a Matter of Responsibility

Mikado. Society as a Bundle of Sticks

TẽKA. River Streams Right Under our Noses

An Intensely Smelling Pantry 

To the Botanical Garden, Everyone!

Olha Sayenko: “I still don’t feel like an adult.”

Jūlians Trofimovs. Reading Kaunas

July With Kaunas Full of Culture. Breathe in!

Reiu Tüür and Peeter Krosmann. Both Estonians in Kaunas.

Clara Giambino. In Search of Freedom to Create and Work

Jindřich Čeladín. A Czech in Lithuania, or A fan of Wooden Architecture

Austėja’s Šančiai, Dainava and Pramonė

Kristina and Luis. Coffee at the neighbors

A yard to discover: “We think it’s beautiful out here”

Goda Pomeranceva. To Talk and Listen to Everyone

Kaunas Courtyard Festival. Food (Also) for the Soul

Putvinskio… A Street or a Courtyard?

What is the address of Kaunas in Vilnius?

The Little Louvre, or Donuts and Bills

Nemuno 7: “Today, Rivers can Become a Therapeutic Space”

Welcome to K.I.N.A.S. Panemunė (Meeting Giedrius Bučas)

A Hundred-year-old News

On Insignificant Things That are Significant With the Curator of “Subjective Atlas of Kaunas” 

Starting the Year of Culture by Celebrating Modernism

The Utopia of Free Life According to Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė

Nerijus Babrauskas. Meet him at the Art Deco Museum

Ice Cream Theater and Folded Modernism in the A. and P. Galaunė House-Museum

Mikas Zabulionis. DOP of Klostės, Architect’s Grandson

What Would Vizbaras say? A (Yet Another) Talk About Kaunas Central Post Office

What Awaits During The Year of Modernists?

Gamifying Culture. A Talk With Dovilė Valantiejienė

Orienteering at The Historical Presidential Palace in Kaunas

Visiting SneakyBox. Learning About and From the Gaming Industry

A Board Game Unicorn on Kaunas Street in Vilnius

How Kulautuva Became Koolautuva. A Virtual History Game

Board Games in the Interwar Period Kaunas

“Noise as an intrusive thought”. A Talk on KAH’s Co-creation Project

Kaunas Artists’ House: A Ninety-year-old Villa

Ąžuolynas, a truly Kaunastic Wind Orchestra

Robertas Černiauskas and the Best Coffee in Town

Tadas Bujanauskas. Kaunas – Baltimore – Kaunas

Justė Litinskaitė: ‘Art remains relevant as long as we give it meaning’

Althea Thauberger: ‘Histories are Never Entirely in the Past’

Free Fortress of Freedom (News From the Forts of Kaunas)

Good night? Never (Visiting Lizdas and Godo)

New Theatre Season in Kaunas. The Curtain Rises!

Forever Young: Museums in Kaunas This Autumn

A new pan-Baltic network: Black Rose. Black Carnation

Daiva Baranauskė. Always for the Losing Side

August Edition of Kaunas Full of Culture: For Rights, Against Fears

Remembering Andrei Sakharov. Moral Culture is a Great Superpower

Conflicts as Symptoms of Society (A Talk with Gintautas Mažeikis)

None of us is Less Human (A Talk With Ugnė Marija Andrijauskaitė)

Kaunas Full of Culture in July: Bikes, Please!

“SkirtBike Kaunas”. Skirt as a Metaphor

Rasa and Justinas. Tandem on the Road and in Life

Extreme Riders. In Kaunas as in Barcelona

Solveiga Dambrauskatė-Bakutienė. Happiness Hormones for Everyone

Pranas Griušys. The Urban Hunter

Bicycle in the Interwar Period: To Ride and be Proud

Cycling to Clear the Mind

Characters in the Urban Landscape (A Talk with Gytis Padegimas)

Attention! Alternative Highlights of Kaunas

Chief Virgis, or Šilainiai in my Heart

Multifunctional Augas (A Talk on Bags and Weights)

A Literary Invitation to Remix Europe

Enrika Striogaitė. To Feel the Essence Through People

A Feast of Texts

Kaunas Literature Week. Three Portraits of the City

A new Kaunastic Route: Visiting the Authors

Vytas Dekšnys. “I wanted the text to flow”

“Literature is hopelessly democratic”

This May, Kaunas Full of Culture is all About Literature

Julijus Grickevičius. Born With a Pipe

(Not just) the House of Basketball

Žibuoklė Martinaitytė. “I float in that music as if in the ocean”

Lina, Vaiva, Rugilė. Sun, sea, Lion

The Sounds of Brazilka and Argentinka

The Gruodis Composers Tree